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Carefully Crafted Design

We at Swalk have taken the time to understand customer needs and requirements when it comes to using an app. It’s simple, effective, touch sensitive design that is easy to navigate for all ages.

Irresistibly Affordable

You can now send our high quality print A5 matte greeting cards, with the option for both inside and outside photo, around the world for as little as £2.49. Don’t miss out on this incredible application! 

Sealed With A Loving Kiss

Sleek, sophisticated graphics is our main achievement and what we hope you enjoy when you download and send our high quality greeting cards to your loved ones. 

We Are The Competition

Still not 100%? You won’t be able to beat Swalk’s low prices anywhere else. We offer the best service with multiple customisation tools at a highly competitive price so you don’t have to trial any other name. 

Share Those Treasured Moments

Make Someone Smile With Your Unique Greeting Card


Whether You’re a Foodie

Do you feel the need to take a quickie of your delicious food that arrives when you’re sat down in a restaurant? Or even sat in the comforts of your own home? We don’t blame you, with the wonderful concoctions of mouth-watering cuisine that are whipped up, it’s no wonder you feel the urge to share it with others!


Whether You’re A Rush Junkie

Maybe you love nothing more than Extreme sports! Riding the waves, scaling heights, taking to the skies or falling to the Earth – some people may call you crazy, or others brave! Witnessing the spectacular landscapes you do, it would be a shame not to pass those sights onto those maybe less adventurous!


Whether You’re Soppy

You’re not alone – plenty of us love a good romance, the new selfie is a couplie – so wherever in the world you’ve been whisked away to with the one you love, find a moment to share your treasured memories with the family and friends you love too, to look back and smile on, and always remember the ‘good times’.


Whether You’re Boastful

There’s no shame in it…there aren’t many of us who don’t love a good brag, or at least a ‘me’ moment. Share your achievements with Swalk and be proud of your accomplishments. Allow your closest to never forget those special times of year as well, with your personalised, beautifully created greeting card.

Or Whether You’re Cutesy

Many of us could sit for hours watching cute videos online, or scrolling through endless pictures on the web. With over 150 million people in the world now owning pets, your phone camera roll is undoubtedly going to contain pictures of your furry animal friends. Don’t keep them to yourself! Share them with those who will love them too!


We All Love To Take Photos.

Without a shadow of a doubt, taking photographs is a growing obsession. Mobile phones now make it so easy to point and shoot and tell a story of your life; who you spend time with, what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Swalk is here to turn those stories into greeting cards. Available on iTunes now.

"This new greeting card app is going to be big. All I can say is, it's simple, effective and definitely worth the download. No complaints from this smart, sweet, free application."

− Heather Lare, Web Designer

"I needed to send a last minute card to my friend who has just passed his driving test. I thought he'd appreciate a picture I took for him of his dream car, writing that he's in touching reach of his ultimate dream car. Brilliant, easy and affordable card app. Recommended."

− Mick Caldwell, Mechanic

"Such a sweet idea to take the World War reference of sealed with a loving kiss and modernise it to producing real greeting cards to send to your loved ones. I love Swalk!"

− Fiona Powler, Marketing Manager